12 Ways to Remove Negativity From Your Life

Living a peaceful life starts from within. You have to make the conscious decision to remove all negative things out of your life. It’s so that you can live your best life and to be comfortable with everything that you do. If it’s not serving your higher purpose, then its time to let it go.


However, it’s not easy to accomplish this, to help you on your journey, I’ve compiled a list to help you get started.

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1. Get rid of Toxic relationships. There’s a saying about negative people, “misery loves company” and unknowingly we fall victim to their lies and deceit. Toxic people are clever and they pull you in by getting to know you, first. They listen to your problems, sympathize with you and sometimes give you advice you want to hear. However, while you’re pouring out your heart, they’re taking notes. They are trying to figure out your weakness, so they can exploit it! A toxic person purpose is to control you for their benefits. Its time to let them go! To find out if you have toxic friends check out: 12 types of negative friends to avoid

2. Cut back on the drama. If your constantly complaining to others about how your life isn’t going the way you hope it to be, then its time to cut that negative thinking out. To think of your life as a big failure, will interestingly enough reflect your outside world. Example: Do you constantly complain about money? Then you will constantly be in debt. Instead of worrying about money, think of all the blessing you do have and find ways to make money. Once you change your mind set then your outside world will change too.

3. Meditate often. Clear your mind from the constant chatter, worry, fears or doubt and focus on the present moment. Meditate on the present moment. Try finding a quiet room, closing your eyes and focus on your breathing for ten minutes. If your unable to find a quiet room then find nature. You’re probably wondering how do I find nature? It’s easy, just go outside, to a park or find a lake. Let mother nature heal your spirit.

4. Do Yoga. If your not into hardcore workouts then try yoga. Although, some of the poses will be uncomfortable, at first, I promise you will be relax and light by the end of the session. Of course to reach a state of relaxation, you will have to do yoga often. Don’t give up!

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5. Eat organic foods. There’s a saying that goes, ” you are what you eat.” Try eating more vegetables, salads and lean meats. Eating healthier cleans out the toxins in your body. As you start to live an organic life your body and appearance will begin to glow. You will feel lighter and love your results!

6. Read self-help books. This is for book lovers. Try searching for high rated self-help books that connect with you. Sometimes reading about how someone else struggle and how they overcame it, will help you as well. If you prefer reading positive quotes check out, 18 Quotes that will help you find inner peace

7. Turn off the News. I have a love/hate relationship with the news. It’s always drama and most of it is not good. Although we should stay in tuned with what is going on with the world, it can be stressing watching the same type of negativity daily. Imagine what that type of negativity does to your subconscious. If people focused on seeking inner peace then there wouldn’t be negative news. Wishful thinking!

8. Let go of Guilt. Did you eat a dozen donuts and now feel guilty about it? Don’t worry! It’s going to be okay. Did you cuss out your boss and now you feel guilty? Don’t worry! Well, maybe you should worry about your job. I’m joking! The moral is don’t let things bother you because at one point you wanted to do it. So be okay with knowing that you did what you did for a reason. However the next time you commit a guilty act, try to think before you do.

9. Apologize to people you hurt. Do you owe someone an apology? Are you to stubborn to admit you were wrong? It’s time to confess and apologize. It’s nothing worst than holding on to a grudge. It’s not for them, it’s for you. You can’t move through life knowing that you have offended someone. It’s time to say you’re sorry and move on.

10. Find your passion. You only have one life to live so do whatever it is that will make you happy. When your aligned with your passions then peace soon follows. Try connecting with things that interest you and watch how the universe responds back.


How do you try to live a peaceful life?


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