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18 Ways To Spice Up Your Dating Life

About a year ago, I dated a good-looking guy that I had a crush on for two years prior. During those two years, I would see him at functions but we were always with someone else. As time progress (and the stars aligned), we were able to finally come together. So after two years of waiting to date this guy, he says to me on the phone, “I think you should pick our first date,” I was reluctant but agreed…. Agreed to anxiety! ugh. I googled everything from dating ideas to dating on a budget. The whole time, I thought, he’s the guy, he should be the one setting our first date. Why am I doing the work!? Long story short, we went to a wine tasting event, just outside the city. It was a great date but it seemed like the universe conspired against us…again. lol. We ended up dating for a total of two weeks! Some people are not meant to be in our lives BUT during my google search I was able to compile a list of my top 18 summer date ideas!


Summer Date ideas that will not break your wallet:


1. Go to the aquarium. It’s beautiful. It’s colorful. It’s a great learning experience for fish lovers or enthusiast. Make sure you take pictures.

2. Go to the zoo. If you are an animal lover, this is perfect. You can read fun facts, Enjoy watching animals in their natural habitat and it’s free.

3. Mini golfing. It’s small and intimate.

4. Star gazing.  Try heading to the nearest park or community hiking trail and watch the stars. Bonus: Go during a full moon but watch out for werewolves!

5. Go Laser Tag. This action pack sport will surely get your heart racing.

6. Wine tasting. We did this (the guy and I) and it was so relaxing. It’s perfect for Friday nights after work. A great way to decompress and enjoy each others company.

7. Dave and Busters arcade. Are you up for a friendly competition? D & B is the ultimate video/sports arcade and bar for adults. It has basketball games, race car games, old school arcade games and so much more. At the end of the night, save your tickets,  and collect a prize from there gift store.

8. Board game night. Board games are perfect for a rainy night.

9. Karaoke. Do you think you’re a better singer than pop star and legend Brittany Spears? What about the Beatles? Give it a try! Bonus: Sing a Duet together.

10. Local festival. Festivals are cool, fun and casual. However, on a date its best to be stylish yet laid-back.

11. Art gallery. Head to your nearest city and find a art gallery to explore.

12. Farmers market. Are you a morning person? First, pick your favorite fruits and then explore the market.

13. Take a salsa class together.

14. Paint ball. This is another adventurous date idea that will get your heart pumping. It’s messy but fun!

15. Pool hall. Eight ball Corner Pocket! Pool is a seductive and flirty game. Try it.

16. The Museum. Put on a dress and a pair of heels! Museums are usually free and you can learn so much.

17. Picnic at the park. Classic Date idea. Bonus: Picnic near a lake to set the mood.

18. and of course, when in doubt, Go to the Movies

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