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5 Signs You’re Dating The Wrong Guy

When it comes to finding Prince Charming, lets be honest, it’s hard. Since childhood, we envisioned being rescued by Disney male characters Aladdin or Prince Eric from The Little Mermaid but lets examine those men a little closer, shall we? Aladdin, I’ll admit, as a little girl I loved him. He was adventurous, funny, sweet, ….and a bad boy! My first love was a bad boy! *screams* How did I discover this revelation? Well, last Saturday, I watched Aladdin with my younger cousin and realized that he was a thief, liar, and a womanizer! All these years, I’ve been searching for my Aladdin and I was dating him every-single-time. *sigh* Now, Prince Eric was a gentlemen and a real prince but let’s take a minute to think about what lengths Ariel went through to get her MAN. Ariel sold her soul for a Man and lost her voice in the process! So as you can imagine, I had to re-think my entire life when it came to dating.

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How can you tell a Player from a Real man?

It took a while but I can spot a player from a real man by simply looking at his picture. *claps* My friends love to ask me about ‘this guy’ or ‘that guy’ and I usually give a quick response- he’s a player. Of course, that doesn’t stop my friends from dating him and they would do everything in their power to prove me wrong. Let’s just say, I keep the ‘I told you so’ to a minimum.  That’s why I’m sharing some of my secrets with you. It’s time for women to know the difference between a real man and a fake.

There are several types of players:

1.The Mysterious Guy – He’s so cute, right? He’s quiet, laid-back and deep.  However, whenever you ask him a question he never gives you a straight forward answer!

You: Do you have a girlfriend? Guy: I mean, I’m not married.

Wait…huh? Yes or No! This guy also answers a question with a question. So ladies, move on! Find you a guy who is upfront and honest.

2. The Over-compensate Guy – He’s usually bragging about the things he has, the women that lust after him and the many connections he has all over the city.  Yet, on your date (that you asked for) he tells you to pick him up, he conveniently leaves his wallet (guess who’s picking up the check?) and then, after he’s talked about himself all night, he has the audacity to ask you to drop him off at his mother’s house! Ladies, drop him off at the bus station and delete his number. Actually, leave him at the restaurant and let his mom pick him up!

3. The Hot/Cold Guy – One minute he’s smothering you with attention and then POOF! He’s disappears like Houdini. The minute he goes cold turkey, count your losses and don’t look back! It’s not you, it’s him. He wants you to be desperate enough to gravel at his feet. He wants you to beg for his attention. He wants you to accept the little scraps that he gives you. You’re being played! So while you were talking about being a strong, independent woman, he was calculating how long would it take to for him to get you in bed. *shrugs*

4. The Drama King– He’s usually complaining about something, has a victim mentality and rarely takes responsibility for his own actions. He’s loud and rude. He loves being the center of attention and he talks about himself, all the time. He’s not interested in you, per say, what he’s really after is a fan club. He needs to be admired and worshiped by women. This guy is charming and can easily swindle you with his good looks. Don’t fall for this guy.

So, after you’ve had enough of dating the players, liars and Casanovas, you finally bump into a potential guy, at the coffee shop that you can take home to your parents. He’s everything you dreamed of (sweet, kind, intelligent) and more, but wait, you haven’t gone on a date with him yet!

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photo by: seagul / Pixabay

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