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8 Ways To Get Over An Ex-Boyfriend

It’s officially over. He broke your heart and left you alone to piece it back together. The audacity to leave you stranded when he promised you the world. However, all isn’t lost and better days are ahead even if you can’t see it now. As the saying goes ‘when one do closes another one opens.’ We have thoughtfully prepared a list for the day that door opens.

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Relationship endings are never easy so here are 8 ways to get over an ex:

1. Grab a Kleenex Box. Give yourself Permission to Cry. Let go and let it out. It hurts. Breakups are unexpected, devastating and gut-wrenching. It leaves you hopeless, confused and abandoned. That’s why crying clears out the toxins from within your body. It’s metaphorically connecting you to your spiritual self. Some people can recall opening up old wounds from their past, while being in their present state of pain. By mending the past, it allowed them to heal those old wounds and move on.

2. Talk to love ones. Family or Family-like friends will always be there for you. And if your family doesn’t understand, seek a Therapist. And if you can’t afford a Therapist, google and click it (wink). Just know that you are not alone in dealing with a breakup.

3. Delete his number. Erase the number, not only from your smartphone, but from your memory. It’s not for him, it’s for you. It’s to keep you from reaching out with small talks such as: ‘hi stranger’ or ‘just thinking of you’ or (my personal favorite) ‘I hope all is well.’

4. Keep yourself busy. Remember that book you’ve been putting off? What about that hobby you wanted to do? How about the great idea you had to start your own business? Or that friend you forgot to call back–a month ago? Now is the time to connect with your former self.

5. Reframe from destroying objects. As much as it would give you great pleasure to break windows, slash tires, or spray paint “cheater” on cars, I highly advise against this. Why? Well, although you will seek short term happiness, in the long run, you will come to regret it. Don’t reward bad behavior with more bad behavior.  How would you feel if someone burned your clothes or ruin the car? He deserved it! He probably did deserve it, but think about the satisfaction he will receive, telling his friends, about how crazy YOU are. Ask yourself: Is a cheater worth your energy?

6. Avoid drinking yourself to oblivion. It is so easy to call upon your “party friends” to drink the night away. It’s as if they have discovered the secret, all along, to living life to the fullest. However, once you’ve come down from your “buzz,” you soon realize that your problems are still there. Intoxication is a temporary fix you have to continue doing, to avoid pain. You cannot heal or move on, if you’re in a constant state of drunkenness. Put the bottle down and deal with your issues.

7. Exercise your Frustration. It’s no secret, some women gain weight while in a relationship. Now, if you’re comfortable in your size, by all means, revel in it, but for those who avoid mirrors, this is for you. Exercise away the pain, hurt, agony and ANGER that you allowed to build up since the breakup. Let the elliptical guide you to freedom. Release your disappointment one step at a time.

8. Write your thoughts down. Let your emotions be your expression. Write about everything! Write about how this devastating news made you feel. What did you want to do in that very moment? And then write about how you will overcome this. Remember, writing is essential if you want to get over an ex.


How would you deal with a breakup?

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