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Solo Essential is an online resource designed for women. Topics include self-love, fashion, wellness, lifestyle, dating, travel and much more.

It’s a blog site dedicated to finding yourself. How to be an individual. How to handle being alone. How to love yourself first. How to get to a point of knowing thyself. It’s for Style gazers. Travel and Culture enthusiast. For women seeking advice on self love, dating and inspirational quotes.



Larissa a.k.a The Solo Essentialist is a “Friend Advice-tist” and expert on Singlehood, self-love and dating . She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Public Relations, and Journalism from Pennsylvania State University (Penn State). She is also the Founder/ Editor-in-Chief of lifestyle, beauty and inspirational website . In her spare time, she loves giving her friends advice on love, reading self-help books , watching The Walking Dead, cleaning her 55 gallon fish tank or listening to 90’s music.