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Solo Essential is an online resource designed for women. Topics include self-love, fashion, wellness, lifestyle, dating, travel and much more.

Launched in April 2016. It’s a new blog site dedicated to finding yourself. How to be an individual. How to handle being alone. How to love yourself first. How to get to a point of knowing thyself. It’s for Style gazers. Travel and Culture enthusiast. For women seeking advice on self love, dating and inspirational quotes.


Larissa a.k.a The Solo Essentialist is a “Friend Advice-tist” and expert on Singlehood, self-love and dating . She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Public Relations, and Journalism from Pennsylvania State University (Penn State). She is also the Founder/ Editor-in-Chief of lifestyle, beauty and inspirational website SoloEssential.com . In her spare time, she loves giving her friends advice on love, reading self-help books , watching The Walking Dead, cleaning her 55 gallon fish tank or listening to 90’s music.


Favorite Thing in my House: My African Cichlids (they’re fish). My Babies!

Pet Peeves: I loathe being late or when people are late. Please have a good excuse! Top Poor excuses include: ‘I was doing my hair,’ ‘I had to change my outfit,’ or ‘I had to stop at a store, first.’ *screams*

Worst Habit: coming soon…lol

Go-to drink: It’s Water only!  …I went from College shots, to mid 20’s cocktails, to red wine…..and now H20. Okay, maybe one glass of wine–occasionally. *wink*

Favorite Celebrity Auntie in your head: Auntie Oprah!

Three all time favorite TV Shows: Martin, Big Bang Theory, The Walking Dead. Bonus: Pretty Little Liars

Your favorite guilty pleasures: Omg! Cake! Cake! Cake! Oh and Oreos too.

Three movies you can watch over and over again: Under the Tuscan Sun, Monster-in-Law, and Pirates: At World’s End

What can you Eat Everyday, Throw away, and Make you say ‘yay!’: I would eat a salad everyday, Throw away fast foods that clog arteries, and I’ll say yayyy to Pizza! ha!



If I had a plane, a helicopter, jet, hell even a boat… I would go to my favorite places around the world… which I’ve never been too….

and live, experience, taste sight-see, breathe in so much richness, exhale my own goodness…I would be free. I would be me.

I feel so lost… even hired help cant help me. It’s funny now, I miss my hustle…my purpose. Is writing my purpose?…so many books is there one more space available for me. One shelf in popular book stores…

I feel it but I don’t know how to reach it. I have to reach it. Was 9 to 5 ever my cup of coffee? lol bored and confine to a desk for 8 hours. I rather watch T.V. lol…at least I would be stimulated, right? What’s right for me… or maybe I already know…maybe everyone knows what they secretly want to do and purposely avoid it.

I feel like I’m destined for greatness. I have stories to tell (We all have stories to tell)… Someone out there needs… needs my inspiration. My love. My support. All this good advice… I’ve been through a lot. I must have a story to tell.