Beauty Hacks: Use Coconut Oil for Great Skin

When it comes to great skin, I like to use natural products derived from the earth. Just like the Ancients, they used Shea butter for moisture, fruits for exfoliation and oils like olive, jojoba and coconut. Coconuts are known for its versatility, such as used for cooking, hydration, cosmetics and more.

In order to extract oil from coconuts, it must matured and then processed. However, the best coconut is an organic one, which can be bought at you local food market or plucked from a coconut tree. If, like me, you prefer to have it in a jar, then I would suggest looking for labels that say  ‘Organic Extra Virgin, Cold Pressed, Unrefined’ on the brand.

Look for organic brands like Trader Joe’s. 

Let’s breakdown the many uses of Coconut Oil as a beauty regime.

Make up remover – Coconut oil is great for removing foundation, eyeliners and lipstick. While removing make-up from your face, its been known to hydrate the skin which reduces wrinkles. I rarely use make-up but on special occasions for when I do, putting oil on my skin removes the make-up quickly.

Face Wash – Apply coconut oil on dry skin, then let it sit for 15 minutes and remove with warm water. It takes some time to get use to having oil on your face but its perfect for removing dirt from your skin. The oil penetrates deep into your pores while lifting old natural skin oils which cause acne. Side note: For sensitive skin, I like to use jojoba oil.

 Skin Moisturizer – Using organic oils on your hands, feet, legs, or face will not only leave your skin feeling soft but it will also add a radiant glow. You will shimmer under natural light. Coconut oil can also be used as a natural face highlighter on your cheeks and collar bone.

DIY Lip Balm – Homemade coconut lip balm with your favorite essential Oil is great for providing moisture to dry, flaky lips. It hydrates your lips for smooth and soft looking pucker! Try this: Apply your DIY lip balm at night and wake up the next morning with soft shiny lips.

Stretch marks – Did you recently lose weight or have a baby? And due to dramatic changes to your body, you’ve ended up with stretch marks that won’t go away. No worries! Apply coconut oil twice a day (morning and night) and watch your marks gradually fade away.


Sunburn Relief – Coconut oil, along with Aloe Vera, is a natural remedy perfect for sunburns. Just apply it on the sunburn, 2-3 times a day and each day your skin will begin to heal.

What do you use Coconut Oil for? Let me know in the comment section.


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