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Healthy Recipes: A Very Berry Blue Smoothie

Yesterday, I woke up early in the morning to go to the grocery store. I prefer to shop on the weekends when I have time but I had a craving for berries. Yes, berries! Particularly, strawberries and blueberries. Fortunately, they had fruits on sale, so I stocked up on healthy goodies. I wanted to make my smoothie rich in antioxidants and natural vitamins. I also grab two bananas and a bag of kale…I was ready! I woke up like….I want a Smoothie, Now! You’re probably wondering why I suddenly had…

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What Will It Take To Burn Off Your Favorite Guilty Pleasures?

Let’s face it…You love junk foods. It’s a sweet treat that completes your meals or a salty, buttery goodness you’ve craved all day. Your guilty pleasure understands you. It….completes you. *sigh* Take a moment to reflect on the last time you had a slice of pie, golden fries and a juicy burger. Was it a month ago? Last week? …five minutes ago? Did you savor every bite? Did you ask the junk food Gods to create the best dessert without all the fatty calories that comes with it? Well, while…

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Healthy Recipe: Watermelon-berry Smoothie

Over the weekend, I invited family and friends, to join me in what I like to call a “June Summer Hot Day Gathering.” It’s when we pick a food/drink of choice (usually we choose two weeks before) and display/share it for others to try. So, this week we chose to make different types of smoothies and at the end of the taste test we would choose a winner. We had a variety of smoothie flavors that could rival any smoothie health book. There was the Peach-fuzzy mango smoothie, the upside-down…

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Healthy Recipes: The Tropical Fruit Smoothie

Hello Essentialist! I received so many positive emails about my last food post The Green Smoothie Detox, I wanted to keep the trend going by adding more smoothie recipes. Smoothies are the perfect morning breakfast healthy quick fix if you’re in a rush. This recipe is one of my go to breakfast foods to start my day. My other is eating salads in the morning. Do you eat salads in the morning? I must say it’s not the most ideal food to eat for breakfast. Most people prefer pancakes (crepes,…

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Healthy Recipes: The Green Smoothie Weekly Detox

The Ultimate Green Smoothie Detox

As we journey through this crazy world called life, one must take a moment to stop, breathe, and tune into your body. What is your body telling you? Are you having headaches? Are you stressed at least five days of the week? Are you moody, anxious, or depress? Although stress and depression may be caused by outside factors, there are studies that linked moods and headaches to the inner body. + 12 ways to living a Peaceful Life + How to naturally cure a Headache My Health Story. About a…

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How To Make The Perfect Hawaiian Pizza

Hello Essentialist! I’m back! I’ve been working on a few projects and just trying to find a balance between work, play and cooking. If I can speak honestly, playtime has gotten the best of me this week. However, from now on I’ll be focusing more on writing quality articles and spending time improving this site. Is that what you want? lol. That’s what I want! It’s funny because I told myself to work and then date but……my social life is winning. Side Note: I met someone, so we’ll see where…

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Healthy Recipe: Zesty Shrimp Salad

Hello Essentialists! Hopefully you are taking the necessary steps to living your best Solo Essential life. Well, I had a productive day and wanted to close my evening with something wonderfully amazing to eat. I had a taste for a salad worth a thousand words! Now, I have no idea what I mean by “a thousand words” but it sounds nice. *smile* Anyway, it’s not just any type of salad, its a grilled shrimp salad. I love seafood! Crabs, shrimp or fish. I love it all. However, I had a dilemma, that put a hindrance to grilling outside. Then I remembered my…

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Healthy Recipe: Chicken Stir-Fry

I was in the mood for something tasty and Asian-inspired. So, instead of typically going to a sit down restaurant, I decided to create my own dish, using ingredients that are healthy and good for you. I added fresh carrots, broccoli and peas, that you can easily pick up from the organic side in the grocery store. Of course, I could have used other vegetables such as cauliflower, red peppers, or corn but I wanted to stick to the basics. I also went down aisle seven (the international aisle) and grab…

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Healthy Recipes: Morning Fruit Smoothie


Good Morning! Do you skip breakfast in the morning? The most important meal of the day. Why? Are you rushing to work? Are you late for class? Do you prefer to wait until 12pm? What if you woke up just five minutes before your alarm? Or prepared your breakfast the night before? What if there was a meal smoothie, that was easy to make, easy to create, tasty and healthy. Try this:   Our Morning Fruit Smoothie recipe. It’s so easy to make and nutritional.[mpprecipe-recipe:5]

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Sweet Recipes: Chocolate Chip Cookies


“Sometimes we need a day to enjoy the sweeter things in life!” Over the weekend, I had great idea to bake cookies. The Original Cookie. The Chocolate Chip cookie. So now, I’ve exhausted the word ‘cookie’ and can no longer promise you,  if I’ll use ‘cookie,’ again, by the end of this paragraph. *smile* Side Note: You have to smile at the little things. Okay, back to my story, so, I went to the grocery, to pick up chocolate chips, flour, vanilla, etc., you know, ingredients to bake cookies, and “wondered” into the bakery section. Particularly, the cookie section. And…

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