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12 Most Random Fun Facts About Love

Did you know love is blind? I mean, literally, the smoke and mirrors appear, the fog rises from the ground and somewhere in the background (your mind, actually) a love song repeats over and over. It includes words such as love, forever, and love again. Then, without your consent, an image of your beloved reappears in your head. Ah, if only you knew how to get over an ex, maybe, that damn song would go away. However, you tell yourself, “maybe later” or ‘I want to keep the love blinds…

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18 Ways To Spice Up Your Dating Life

About a year ago, I dated a good-looking guy that I had a crush on for two years prior. During those two years, I would see him at functions but we were always with someone else. As time progress (and the stars aligned), we were able to finally come together. So after two years of waiting to date this guy, he says to me on the phone, “I think you should pick our first date,” I was reluctant but agreed…. Agreed to anxiety! ugh. I googled everything from dating ideas…

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5 Signs Of A Healthy Relationship

Relationships are essential and a daily part of the average persons life. We are constantly interacting with love ones, friends and strangers. However, some relationships go the extra mile to ensuring that both parties are happy and content with the way things are going. Whether you are in a love relationship, have a few best friends, and/or put family first, each relationship must have the seven healthy ‘ingredients’ in order to last a long time.   When we are happy, we can make others happy too.   Let’s take a…

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The Do’s and Don’t of Dating, 101

After remaining single for so long (more than 5 years) I decided that it was time to jump out there and explore the dating pool. I must say the water is still shallow as hell but I was reluctant. Well, sort of, first, I had to explain to my good friend about my new found epiphany on dating, then I broke it down into three parts on when, where and who and finally, after her third drink, I said that no matter what, I will go with the flow. So,…

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12 Types of Negative Friends You Need To Let Go

There’s a saying about negative people, “misery loves company” and unknowingly we fall victim to their lies and deceit. Toxic people are clever and they pull you in by getting to know you, first. They listen to your problems, sympathize with you and sometimes give you advice you want to hear. However, while you’re pouring out your heart, they’re taking notes. They are trying to figure out your weakness, so they can exploit it! A toxic person purpose is to control you for their benefits. The trick is to know…

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Five Phases of Being Single: Acceptance


Welcome to The Acceptance Phase! Congratulations, you have discovered a precious jewel buried deep within you. A treasure that was lost and now found. I’m talking about Forgiveness. Forgiveness flows into Acceptance which manifests to Freedom. Freedom is the ultimate goal to experiencing Singlehood. Acknowledging your truth goes beyond any short term satisfaction anyone or anything can give you. You’ve come to terms with the present and made it your B*tch! Well, not to be too vulgar, but lets just say you’ve conquered the Five Phases of Being Single! Along your journey, you wrestled with denial, exploded with anger, relapsed in…

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Five Phases of Being Single: Depression


The Depression phase feels like an all consuming and endless amount of mental, emotional, and physical pain. It will have you questioning your existence. Why am I here? You will question your feelings. Do I deserve to be happy? You will question your own judgement. It was all my fault. I let this happen. Your self worth will be brought to the forth front, because life as you know has reach a new low and there is no way you can recover from this moment. In spite of this, you can recover from it, if you set your mind…

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Five Phases of Being Single: Bargaining


Bargaining begins with constant chatter, mixture of denial, and false hopefulness–all running through your head. Imagine your mind having a great debate on illusion vs reality. Which one would win? Has your reality become a fantasy? In this phase, Illusion wins by a landslide. Let me explain. In the Bargaining phase, the only way to cope is to go back to the old way of living. The old way was comfortable and comforting; easy and predictable; reliable and for the most part steady. But something happen. What happen?! What did I do to ruin my “happiness?” You now have to go on…

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Five Phases of Being Single: Anger


Have you ever struggled to open a jar that contained what you needed inside it? You tried everything to open it, from running warm water over the lid, using a knife, to tapping the base of the jar. You begin to question your level of strength and maybe even remember how your ex always opened it for you…. and then suddenly, startled, *POP* it opens. Welcome to the Anger Phase! Anger is a build up of annoyance, hostility and Denial. It’s trapped in a jar, waiting for you to release it from its confinement. Once open, you will celebrate, laugh and taste the…

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Five Phases of Being Single: Denial


You just found out, the love of your life has cheated on you for over six months. In Denial, you reminisce on the day he proposed to you, last month, on a spare-of-the-moment trip, to the Bahamas. He got down on one knee, presented you with a 3-carat diamond ring, and said how much his life was incomplete without you. Of course, you said yes! It was a romantic scene, on a white sanded beach, overlooking the sunset. Any woman would dream of your real-life prince charming, yet, he only wants you. *back to reality* Your flashback confirms that your bestfriend, for over ten years,…

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