Frequently Asked Questions:


What does Solo Essential mean?

Solo – (noun) a thing done by one person, in particular

Essential – (adj.) absolutely necessary, vital, extremely important

Solo Essential – It’s absolutely important to do things on your own first!


Can I Write an Article for SoloEssential.com?

Not at the moment. This site is ran by a “One Woman Wolf-pack” (quote from The Hangover).


Hey! I have a question that I want your advice on. Where do I submit it?

Email me: info@soloessential.com   -I will write you back ASAP. Side Note: If your question happens to be something everyone can benefit from, then, I will post my advice on the website.

Are you a Licensed Therapist?

No. I am  more of a….Friend Advice-tist! I totally just made that up, but you understand what I mean. I have heard, seen, and been through a lot, so I wanted to share my wisdom with you. However, my #1 advice would be seek a Licensed Therapist, if life in general is overwhelming.


I like your Style! How did you create your Style Lookbook?

On Polyvore.com. It’s the ultimate one stop shop for all things Trendy–from designer clothes, beauty, Styles, Shoes and more. (This is a free Plug, btw) If you are into creating or need some fashion ideas, go there. Its free to join and free to create looks. AlSO follow me, username: SMOOSHART  (smoosh art)


What is your Advice on being Happy while Single?

I like to call it Single and Content. Being happy is an emotion, which can change numerous times throughout the day. Seek contentment. How? Well, my blog/website is dedicated to finding yourself. How to be an individual. How to handle being alone. How to love yourself first. How to get to a point of knowing thyself. Stop worrying! You will one day embrace it and know that, you don’t need someone else to tell you how to be. You will…just BE…Confident, Brave, Sexy…Human.


Hey, I really love your message. How can I give money to this site?

Wow, Thanks! It takes time to run, manage and write articles and on top of that, it’s a new website site. Although, you see an ad, my traffic isn’t on the level of major websites. So I bring in $0.02. LOL. It’s all good, though. It’s a NEW site! April 2016, new. But, You can give $1 or more. Or you can show your support by sharing a post on social media.

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Why should I support Solo Essential?

Well, 100% of the proceeds goes to maintaining this site. With your help, I’ll be able to buy tools, pay hosting fees, and work on writing better articles, FULL TIME. My goal is to give as much positive advice, support, and love to you and people in need of it. That’s the site’s purpose. I created it for the soul purpose to help someone else…because that’s what it’s all about– being there for one another.