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How To be Productive At least Three Times A Week

Let’s face it, sometimes you like to wait until the last minute, to get things done.

As for me, I will watch my favorite TV shows, text my friends, and spend a good portion of my day just thinking about what I need to do. I’m not lazy, per say,  but I like to do things on my own terms.

If you’re like me, then, you’re someone who finds inspiration at random times of the day. Perhaps it’s during the early mornings or the wee hours of the night. One thing is for sure, when it’s time for you to ‘step up,’ you make things happen.

The reason you are here today, reading this post, well, it has to do with improving your motivation.  How can I be just as good, if not better, then people who have it all together. You know who I’m talking about, Perfect Patty. She’s always on time, does everything correctly and everyone just adores her. Does she take breaks? Does she have fun? Is she from another planet? The Answer is Yes, Yes, and YES!


Well, I decided to breakdown Perfect Patty’s secret to having a productive day, so we can apply it to our lives at least 2-3 times a week. Hey, It’s a start!

1. Get 8 hours of Sleep. How can you start your morning feeling alive and ready to conquer the world without getting a good amount of sleep? The average person will need about 6-8 hours to heal and rejuvenate from the day before. Sleeping is essential for the body, mind and spirit. How many hours of sleep do you get? Less than six or more than eight?

2. Create a To Do List. Writing down everything you need to do is vital to living a productive life. Start small with basic task like cleaning your closet, washing the dishes, or running an errand. By starting with day-today tasks, you will eventually begin to increase your To DO list with more important things you have to do.

3. Exercise Daily. Did you know that exercising increases your energy level, improves your mood AND relieves stress. It’s a natural remedy and all you have to do is move. Try to incorporate at least a 20 – 30 minute walk, 3 times a week.  After my nature walks, I feel better about life in general.

4. Take Mini Breaks. Taking multiple breaks throughout the day is the key to having a productive day. I like to spend 30 to an hour working and take a 10 minute break after. So, basically, I’m taking mini vacay’s while at work. It’s not wasting time if you completed everything on your list.

5. Work hard, Play Harder. Another trick is to do everything on Day one, so on Day two you can do whatever your heart desires.

New Game Plan: Get everything done on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – that gives you 72 hours to complete your tasks. This will leave you with Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday to do things you like to do. If you work a desk job, then use Tuesday and Thursday to do all your work, so when Friday comes you can relax OR ask your Boss to teach you a new skill to add to your resume.


The Key: Work Smarter not Harder. 

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