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How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Minimalist Haven

A minimalist lifestyle requires One thing: You. – Unknown

When it comes to revamping my bedroom, one option I love to do is, simplify it. I want to de-clutter everything that no longer hold significant value and throw it away. It’s a hard task! Who knew, letting go of old boy-band posters would be difficult. Or clothes I’ve outgrown would stop me from donating to Goodwill. Yet, here I am -contemplating.

It wasn’t until this past weekend, beyond reasonable doubt, that I had a unhealthy relationship with…stuff. Things. Material! What was a girl to do? I’ve spent (literally and figuratively) years of buying ‘stuff’ to complete me. I enjoyed it. Oh, and don’t get me started on finding something on sale. What! So what happens when you’ve come to the realization of your addiction? You cope by using your other addiction – a glass of wine. sigh. #dontJudgeMe

Here are some designs I’m diggin’ , which if you’re going through the same ‘First World’ problems, like me, then check these out too.


Breakfast At Zara's




Interior Design Ideas


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