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Style Diary #03: Beautiful Stranger in Stripes

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Style/Diary: I envisioned our first date. Me, wearing my favorite color…black, of course. You, wearing…*laughs* doesn’t matter what you wear-you look good in everything. Your scent lingers of Yve Saint Laurent. Seduced and nervous. My thoughts run wild. Do these shoes go well with my outfit? How does my hair look? You smile. I should’ve worn the black pair.

The waiter greets us. He notices my confident anxiety. I smile back. May I take your order, Miss? Pinot Noir, Please. And you, sir? A Martini. …Oh, He’s James Bond..

Our quiet awkwardness heightens my mood. Intense. Excited. Anxious. It’s so damn hot. I consciously clear my throat.  Hesitant and repeating. Don’t. Say. Something stupid. I look up at you and say, “I can’t be-wieve, uh, I can’t BELIEVE I’m here with you…in Italy” You grin, gently. I blush back. Too late.

We met at a colorful event in New York, showcasing the worlds top brands. Although everyone’s eyes were focused on tall slender bodies, we found the beauty in each other. Finally, after quick glances and look-a-ways, I was approached in the most respected way.

“Caio, I’m Antonio,” his thick Italian accent filled me like a creamy cannoli.

He was…and I hate to be cliche, but tall, dark and handsome. And most likely a descendant of Zeus, or, wait, Jupiter, the Roman God. I didn’t care, from the moment I saw him, I was enchanted. My mind was elevated to new heights of all possibilities of what could happen.

“Do you like fashion shows?,” he says, serious, deep and intense. I smiled and said, “I prefer having lunch outside a cafe, watching decorated people, wearing decorated designers-while sipping wine.” He laughed. And in that moment, I knew he understood my complexity.

“One day we will make your dreams come true…” I blushed. He said “we.” Well, WE exchanged emails, then emails turned into texting, and eventually to late nights/early morning phone calls until one day he says, “I want you to come to Italy…”

Surprised, I paused for a moment. He was something new and I needed to feel unnerve again. After my split with my “best friend” Calvin and my long winded love affair with J*, I dedicated my entire life to my career, revamped my style and lost a few pounds. I was a new woman with new ideas and new dreams. After a brief moment I said, “Yes..yes, I’ll come to Italy…”

“I can’t believe you’re here, either, but I have a feeling you won’t be leaving anytime soon…”

(to be continued…)

Who is Calvin? Read Here //Who is J? Click here

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