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Style Diary #05: Feeling Black & White

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Style & Diary: The Beginning and The End…. F*&#! Was it worth it, though? sigh...

“I never looked at you as a prize, but as someone I wanted to get to know…” said J* while he examined my face.

Could he be my knight and shining armor? It was in that instant, I knew, we shared a destiny filled with truth, lies, adventure and tragedy. We would become a para-bond so close to the line but never truly toughing it. All I managed to say was: Oh, thanks.

We spent the rest of the evening sharing war stories as if we knew time wasn’t on our side. A Cinderella story without a happy ending. Only stolen moments and warm memories you tell your future grandchildren, who will assume you’ve lost your mind. Which I did.

Later that night and before the clock struck midnight, he walked me to my car. “I’ll send you an email tomorrow at work.” he said and gave me a lingering hug.

That night I couldn’t sleep. Was I ready for an office romance? Still I needed to feel… just feel like someone wanted me. He was the only person who could take my mind off of Calvin, my best friend.

The next day, I woke before the sun toughed all living things. Eager. I rushed to work and waited. A desperate school girl. Excited and naive. 9 am. Maybe he’s running late. 10 am. I hope he’s okay. 11 am. He’s definitely at work they just mentioned his name. 12 pm. I’ll go to lunch later. “Are you okay…” a co-worker asked me. Agitated. 3 pm. I’ve lost my appetite. I had a strange feeling I was being played. My mind began to wonder. Was this all a game? A player’s game.

By 5 pm I left work, angry and in disbelief. I cursed every step. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. By the time I reached my car, there he was, standing there. Innocent and unaware. “I got caught up at work but let me make it up to you. Do you want to go on a date…with me…this weekend?”

(to be continued)

Who is J? Click here / Who is Calvin? Read here. / Are you wondering what happen to Antonio? No worries! He’s still in my life. I’m sharing two stories from my style diaries…and I might share another…Stay tuned!

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Feature Photo by: 1588877/pixabay


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